Annabel Langbein, La Cornue & FL Bone Kitchener


Annabel Langbein, La Cornue &

FL Bone Kitchener

FL Bone in association with La Cornue, a third-generation family company have arranged for Annabel Langbein to have in her Wanaka kitchen, two exceptional ovens, the La Cornue Le Chateau 120 and La Cornue Albertine 90.

"My kitchen is the heart of my home and at the centre of my business, so it’s important that my ovens can meet and exceed the constant demands placed on them – from entertaining family and friends to testing recipes or entertaining journalists, photographers, politicians and bloggers."

"I love my La Cornue ovens. They look fantastic, but they’re not just about good looks – they’re real workhorses. Whether I’m making a simple family meal or meeting the rigours of a heavy schedule of recipe testing, I know can rely on them to deliver every time."

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