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«A cook may be taught, but a man who can roast is born with the faculty». Brillat-Savarin

La Flamberge combines professional performance with a stunning design.

A technological gem that maximises heat circulation and enables you to roast meat, poultry, fish and whole fruits and vegetables with panache, enhancing all the flavours whilst retaining tenderness to delight the taste buds.

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Technical information

The accessible parts are hot while in use: Ideally the Flamberge unit should be fitted into a non-combustible cavity. Good ventilation must be ensured with several fresh-air entry points and cool-air exit points in front and behind the machine.
The gas supply requires a 15mm (1/2 inch BSP) pipe connection to be fitted to the unit.
A valve to shut off the gas must be installed.
A 13 amp electric feed is required at the bottom rear of the Flamberge unit

Weight : 60 kg

Voltage : 230 V mono

Gaz : natural gaz, propane, butane

Accessories : 1 porcelain roasting tray, 2 roasting spits, 1 roasting spit with clamp.

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