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At 130 cm long, the Grand Papa 135cm model is even more comfortable to use, and has 9 different hob configurations available not only the one in the picture, a much-appreciated warming cupboard (50° -110°) has been added to the large 84-litre vaulted oven (gas or electric).

The solid stainless steel hob is equipped with five powerful electronic ignition burners (3.5 kW) and a cast iron hot plate, indispensable for juggling several saucepans at once by making use of the heat that decreases from the centre out towards the edge. (A combination of gas and electric or all electric is also possible).

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Technical information

Weight : from 180 to 220 Kg
Main dimensions :
1350 L x 700 P x 900 H (mm)
Custom configuration:
1 electrical or gas oven at the left
and a warming cupboard at the right

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